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We are looking for adults age 18 and older to participate in a number of paid research studies. Our studies involve at least one visit to Rutgers University. You will be compensated for your time. If you want to learn more, please click the button below to provide us with your contact information. We will be in touch to discuss our current studies and confirm your eligibility. 

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Undergrads, Volunteers, & Research Assistants  If you are interested in joining our lab as an undergraduate volunteer or capstone/thesis student, please submit an application. Current projects in the lab focus heavily on clinical neuroscience questions, so strong interest in clinical science, psychology, and how these intersect with neuroscience is a plus. Also, we have several data analysis projects for which strong quantitative skills and ability to program are especially desired. For full-time positions in the lab for post-bacs, please contact Dr. Konova (

Prospective Graduate Students  Students interested in completing PhD work in the lab can apply either through the Neuroscience PhD program at Rutgers RWJ Medical School or the Cognitive Psychology PhD program at Rutgers University - New Brunswick. You can find more information about these programs here and here. If you are planning to apply in an upcoming cycle to work in the ADN lab, please contact Dr. Konova ( 

Prospective Postdocs  We are looking for talented post-grads who hold a PhD, MD or MD/PhD in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, or a related field. We are especially interested in candidates who are enthusiastic, curious, and have excellent analytical, programming, and communication skills. Experience in human brain imaging is a plus. Please contact Dr. Konova ( if you are interested in doing a postdoc in the ADN lab.